Yesterday was pretty bad and not because I stayed home and did nothing for once. First off we had a work meeting and even though all signs pointed to it going badly I wasn’t really prepared for how badly it went. I ended up getting into an argument about staffing with my boss and area manager which included them suggesting I transfer stores and plenty of other condescending shit. It hell through me off and while I smoothed things over later it’s still bothering me now. After that I ended up handing in my resume to noodle box haha. Then I went into the city to go to friend’s. I smoked and drank before we left for the show and somehow it like really effected me and I was pretty out of it. When we got to the show one of our friends had a anxiety attack and couldn’t go in which sucked but even worse was how that made my own anxiety skyrocket. So I go in and sure enough there she is with her new boyfriend no less. She looked at me then quickly looked away but I stared right at her, I hate how she makes me feel so much. So I spent the rest of the night disassociating and being a weird stoned mess, touché Amore and turnover were both great I just found it so hard to get into them. Lucky another one of my friends was there and I hung out with him for a bit after which got my mind of things slightly. I’m still alive today, no thanks to you bitch.



Sorry this is late guys I was a mess last night haha. So yesterday I had to wake up early to make a doctors appointment to get that damn skin tag on my bag cut out. This time the doctor cut it out deep and stitched it so here’s hoping it’s truly all gone now. After that I chilled out until like 4pm when I went to a friend’s house. I smoked weed properly for the first time in ages and yeah… I think I was a bit of a mess. It’s so weird because a lot of my friends smoke all the time so they’re completely fine whereas I’m just all over the place and embarrassing. I think I just felt awkward because it was just me my friend and her boyfriend so the attention was so on me for a lot of time. To highlight just how far gone I was, I felt like I was going to pass out so I slunk out to the toilets where I was trying to pee but I was heaps light-headed so I sat down. I ended up peeing for what felt like ten minutes and I think I passed out on the toilet but when I came out and asked how long I was they were like “uhhh 2 minutes”. Not to mention that whole time I felt like I was pissing all over everything when I wasn’t. So yeah, I am just on that weak shit guys.



Today was spent doing not much, this uni assignment is killing me I know I should be throwing more effort at it I just have no ideas what I’m writing about and no sources want to talk to me. Besides that I went to a friends house with a bunch of other friends and they were all smoking weed but I just drank because I suck at sinking cones haha. It was a good night though I love their company I just hope they like mine too. Just want to listen to tunes for now.