Today I worked all day and was so behind when i got to work that I had to put the call out to get help and luckily we did. Rn I’m super tired and anxious for travel, 1 day now. 



More bad sleeping last night but whatever I woke up for work today which was dead until a whole class of high school kids came in which was bad. I also opened up the bottom of the proofed and dear god it hasn’t ever been opened and the sludge was bad as fuck. Relaxed at home and did a bit of gym, might be getting sick again though ughhh. 


Wanna hear the super exciting thing I did all day til it was time for work? I cleaned out my computer! Moved all the files into places I can find them and organised everything, sounds boring but I had music and shit with it so it was actually a relief. Work was dead as hell which was boring but honestly no worries. I’m hoping I can sleep tonight because last night was shocking.