More bad sleeping last night but whatever I woke up for work today which was dead until a whole class of high school kids came in which was bad. I also opened up the bottom of the proofed and dear god it hasn’t ever been opened and the sludge was bad as fuck. Relaxed at home and did a bit of gym, might be getting sick again though ughhh. 



Today was meh just hung out then went to work which was a big busy shitty headfuck then on my way home I had so many interruptions. I’m really frustrated at how little I’ve exercised lately and how shitty I’ve been eating due to circumstances. Like I’ve waited so long for my wrist to get better and it feels okay but whenever I put it under press it’s like nope then there’s that piss weak cold and ughhhh I hate it, I’m demotivated as it is without all these mitigating factors. 


Today I finished up my assignment and played video games properly for the first time in ages which put me more at ease than I have been in ages. I’m kind of feeling gross and fat though but it’s like the world wants me to not exercise with this illness and my buggered wrist. I finally wrote up my May edition of In Review on my other blog which I’ll just sneakily plug here.



So today I was hungover and had work so I was just the goofiest dude all day singing out loud, being weirdly friendly to customers, telling inappropriate jokes, all to get my mind off my stomach. When I got home I watched MITB which was kind of disappointing nothing really substantial happened everything was predictable. I’m in an okay mood overall just hoping this cold doesn’t get worse.


Today was boring as I had to work later and had nothing to do in the meantime really. I am pretty sure I’m sick but it’s not that bad so far so meh. Work was nowhere near as bad as last night thank god. Life is so much easier without the weight of impending assignments weighing down on me but I have one due in five days I’d best not forget. I’ve been fiendishly horny these last few days and I don’t know why, it’s making me so distracted and frustrated /sigh, just castrate me honestly.


Today started out gross because I had my essay to worry about and a long night shift ahead but the a girl called me and talked to me about her day and stuff and it really made me feel okay. On top of that there was just so much good music out today like new Lorde (which is amazing) and a new QOTSA single. Work was insanely busy and I’m worried I’m going to get in trouble for missing stuff but god damn I had no time. Work is just shit in general fuck management it’s a joke. I feel like I’m getting a cold but I pray it’s only small.