Today was great I spent the day buying a new sleeping bag and getting packed up for tomorrow. I had a friend’s bday thing tonight and somehow I became the deso driver which put my anxiety on edge because I’m not confident driving but hey it worked out well. The boys and I went and got steak and waffles and mucked around Glenelg for a while chatting shit and being lame and it was just heaps of fun. So my anxiety is still kicking around of course but I just know I’m going to be okay.



Today was good I went over my friends house real early to watch wrestling and the great balls of fire ppv was actually sick we might have got the roman reigns heel turn at last. After that I went to lunch with friend and to the library. Then work which ughhh was fine until I accidentally forgot to grab my bag before leaving and my manager had to come get it so embarrassing. 


Today was great I went and got a haircut in preparation ¬†for the trip next week hoping it’s at peak sexy length by the time I leave. Then I went to the movies to see Baby Driver which was everything I wanted it to be and more I loved it so much. I think it was a date with this girl but eh it was so rushed and stuff and I’m an awkward mess and I get such mixed signals so idk at least the movie was amazing. Feeling dejected I jumped at the chance to go to town and have drinks with my favourite boys and yeah I’m feeling good from chats and laughs with them.


More bad sleeping last night but whatever I woke up for work today which was dead until a whole class of high school kids came in which was bad. I also opened up the bottom of the proofed and dear god it hasn’t ever been opened and the sludge was bad as fuck. Relaxed at home and did a bit of gym, might be getting sick again though ughhh. 


Wanna hear the super exciting thing I did all day til it was time for work? I cleaned out my computer! Moved all the files into places I can find them and organised everything, sounds boring but I had music and shit with it so it was actually a relief. Work was dead as hell which was boring but honestly no worries. I’m hoping I can sleep tonight because last night was shocking. 


Today I woke up in a bad mood but quickly got comfortable on the couch and watched Pineapple Express for the first time which cheered me up. After that I went to the gym for a bit but probably didn’t stay as long as I should have just because it was so crowded and I get anxious. When I got home there ended up being a blackout which sucked but it came back pretty quickly thank god, played Yahtzee in the meantime which was funny.