Today was great I spent the day buying a new sleeping bag and getting packed up for tomorrow. I had a friend’s bday thing tonight and somehow I became the deso driver which put my anxiety on edge because I’m not confident driving but hey it worked out well. The boys and I went and got steak and waffles and mucked around Glenelg for a while chatting shit and being lame and it was just heaps of fun. So my anxiety is still kicking around of course but I just know I’m going to be okay.



Today was meh just hung out then went to work which was a big busy shitty headfuck then on my way home I had so many interruptions. I’m really frustrated at how little I’ve exercised lately and how shitty I’ve been eating due to circumstances. Like I’ve waited so long for my wrist to get better and it feels okay but whenever I put it under press it’s like nope then there’s that piss weak cold and ughhhh I hate it, I’m demotivated as it is without all these mitigating factors. 


Today was a laugh, I went to the city because I desperately wanted to be away from the house and I ate a pretty mediocre burger and bought the new Lorde album and Injustice 2 then went home. While I was home I hit up a friend and we ended up chilling at Tea Tree Plaza for a bit just shootin’ the shit as you do, was great though he’s a good dude to talk to. Once I got home I was like okey dokey let’s give Injustice a spin and I shit you not I just got done finishing the entire single player, yeah it’s short, but I still spent like four hours on it at least hahah oh man.


For some reason I spent a majority of today in a real shitty, gloomy headspace. I mean it probably has a lot to do with not doing anything all day, the one person I reached out to ignored me all day so that was cool. Went to the pub for tea and ate way too much but went to gym so hopefully that compensated for it somewhat. I know next week I’ll feel better than this I just wish there was a way I could pull myself out of this mindset. Been listening to good music all day at least, new J Hus album, Mountain Goats and all those Brockhampton singles hoo boy.


Today was actually pretty good overall, uni was pretty relaxed though I am feeling the ever-growing weight of assignments towering over me (I have like two subjects though wtf Chris). After uni I caught up with one of my best mates and went to eat the most grossly oversized burger ever, was so worth the pain. Had great conversation and great company so really can’t complain. I’m feeling better about things for now, I’m always waiting to take a dive mentally but at least there is some respite.


Writing this at 3am on my friends couch. Went out real early today to catch a mates band play an in store show at Levi’s. can’t stress the levels of social anxiety I had knowing no one else there, it went away when they played though. From there I went to the cranka which again was awkward because I was alone. Saw a couple bands then a mate joined me and we started chatting. We ended up talking heaps as it got on into night and we got dinner together at a Chinese place, still full from that actually. From there we went to enigma to watch a mate play an adtr cover set which was looooose. At that mates house now actually, kinda anxious because I can’t contact mum and dad but eh what do ya do.