Today I worked all day and was so behind when i got to work that I had to put the call out to get help and luckily we did. Rn I’m super tired and anxious for travel, 1 day now. 



Well wouldn’t ya know today was seedy as hell after getting home at 5 in the morning I had no motivation to even move but I wasn’t hungover at least. Went to work and that sucked as usual, feeling pretty crap but here’s hoping tomorrow lifts my spirits a bit. 


Today started out gross because I had my essay to worry about and a long night shift ahead but the a girl called me and talked to me about her day and stuff and it really made me feel okay. On top of that there was just so much good music out today like new Lorde (which is amazing) and a new QOTSA single. Work was insanely busy and I’m worried I’m going to get in trouble for missing stuff but god damn I had no time. Work is just shit in general fuck management it’s a joke. I feel like I’m getting a cold but I pray it’s only small. 


Today I met up with my program director to work out how I’m going to finish this damn course. She set up a plan for me which was nice but I don’t finish until this time next year which isn’t nice. I’m kind of upset but at least I finally know when I’m done. Didn’t do much else today still in a weird headspace, need socialisation. 


Today sucked as these days often do. I’ve found that the day after a really good night always seems to suck because I wake up alone and no one seems to want to talk to me so it all feels so isolating. Not to mention the fact that work was awful, one of the bad nights where I’m stuck inside my own head too much but on top of that for some reason I was comically clumsy and cut and burned and bumped myself constantly. I’m probably over-tired yet here I am pattering away at the keyboard at 12am haha.