Today I was pretty depressed and gloomy, I had to wake up at 730am to go to a goddamn team meeting and hoo boy did it annoy me. Our store owner is so out of touch with the reality of working in store and properly being under the pump and she got real shitty when we brought up the fact that yeah, having one person on Fridays and Saturdays, is a bit stupid. She pointed to the productivity numbers but here’s the thing, those numbers don’t reflect the amount of times myself and my colleagues are left in the lurch with a line out the door with customers taking it out on us. This along with the fact they’re leaving teenage girls alone in a store in the northern suburbs ’til 10pm, mmm what could go wrong?

Rant aside, when I actually had to work tonight it was ridiculously busy, almost as if life just had to prove it’s point. Idk guys just take me away from this stupid life.


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