Today was pretty okay I worked out an interview for my uni assignment and eh not much else until work. The damn SDA movie night was tonight so I had to deal with that bullshit but luckily it quietened down afterwards. After work I went to see the old friends I’ve been seeing a lot lately I got drunk but not too drunk and we talked a lot about deep meaningful shit which I missed so much when I didn’t see them for a while. I’m honestly kind of thrown off right now because I saw a snapchat with her face in it, smiling, sent by a guy who I knew was seedy but is now definitely off my trust list lmao. It’s sickening because it feels like a slap in the face, it’s not her fault, but I just don’t want to know about her life or her general existence the small snippets I can’t avoid are enough for me. It’s never not going to hurt and her not giving a fuck always makes it worse. I hope to God she isn’t there next week, in fact, if there is a small chance you read this Chantelle, please don’t be there next week, I have my lane, you have yours.

Edit 04/06:

Hate myself for using her name and seeming controlling, but it’s better I get that bullshit out on here than take it out in real life I guess.


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