Today was nothing I didn’t leave the house, uni holidays are a meme and my work hours don’t exist ughh. I’m always sleeping too late as well goddamn.



Today was pretty quiet didn’t do much watched the rest of GLOW which was great because it really treated the wrestling business with respect and it was genuinely funny. I want to go out but I’m feeling pretty isolated and finding it hard to communicate this to people, like I want to reach out but I don’t know how.


Today I thought I’d be doing something but I was kinda let down by a friend which sucks but I shouldn’t have expectations I guess. Instead I started watching GLOW of course because wrestling and it’s pretty good some weird editing cuts and stuff but entertaining as hell. I went to work which was quiet but every customer I did get was the fuckin worst. Then I got home and started writing something which might be a script for my first video thing hmmm maybe.


Today I just did like nothing like I played video games and listened to the new DJ Khaled album and oh jesus christ not good noooot good. Lucky the new 2 Chainz and Denzel Curry were both pretty sick and kind of washed the disappointment away slightly. Went to the gym finally and tried some new things that don’t exacerbate this damn wrist injury so much, thinking of caving and going to the doctors for it.


Late one this time because I got home at like 5am last night. Yesterday I didn’t do all that much during the day just walked the dog and played some more Injustice 2. At about 8pm I caught an Uber to a friend’s house where we were meant to be having pres but said pres lasted until like 12pm haha, not that I care cheaper than spending money in town. When we got to town we went to Dog and Ducks which was expensive and packed but I went with it and ended up having some fun dancing and laughing. When we left two of my friends who are a couple were arguing all the way from town until we got back home. I was waiting for them to chill out so I could say bye and leave but the tensions were high so I kinda just snuck out. All things considered though still a good night.


Today was meh just hung out then went to work which was a big busy shitty headfuck then on my way home I had so many interruptions. I’m really frustrated at how little I’ve exercised lately and how shitty I’ve been eating due to circumstances. Like I’ve waited so long for my wrist to get better and it feels okay but whenever I put it under press it’s like nope then there’s that piss weak cold and ughhhh I hate it, I’m demotivated as it is without all these mitigating factors. 


Today was a laugh, I went to the city because I desperately wanted to be away from the house and I ate a pretty mediocre burger and bought the new Lorde album and Injustice 2 then went home. While I was home I hit up a friend and we ended up chilling at Tea Tree Plaza for a bit just shootin’ the shit as you do, was great though he’s a good dude to talk to. Once I got home I was like okey dokey let’s give Injustice a spin and I shit you not I just got done finishing the entire single player, yeah it’s short, but I still spent like four hours on it at least hahah oh man.


Today I finished up my assignment and played video games properly for the first time in ages which put me more at ease than I have been in ages. I’m kind of feeling gross and fat though but it’s like the world wants me to not exercise with this illness and my buggered wrist. I finally wrote up my May edition of In Review on my other blog which I’ll just sneakily plug here.