Today I only left the house to grab some food and somehow I’m pretty okay with that. The guy I’ve been meaning to interview delayed me ’til 2pm which was annoying but when he finally came and I smashed it out it ended up being a really rewarding conversation now I’m just hoping my story can do it justice. I’ve been chatting to people almost all day so I think that’s helped a lot, if only every day could be like this hey. Not feeling super stoked or anything but I don’t hate that I’ll be alive tomorrow so that’s progress.

Found this really excellent School of Life video about exes, and wow so true, makes me feel guilty for ending things off in such a harsh manner the other week. I still think I’m justified though, considering she has made the new friend situation I had going a bit difficult and she made the initial aggression by blocking me. It was never going to be amicable no matter what, I just can’t handle this like a normal person, so I’ll continue to “handle” it like the dysfunctional mess I am.


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