Writing this while still slightly inebriated, don’t mind me. Today was a pain in the dickhole, woke up early got everything sorted expected to interview an important guys (at my house now less) and he has to cancel though it was because his dog was sick which super sucks and I can’t blame him. Spent the rest of the day kind of mopey until I had a friend’s birthday party. Didn’t want to go because the guy I was meant to go with was away but I bit the bullet and went anyway and while the first hour was a bit awkward I felt that I found my footing and ended up enjoying myself. Got a lift home and some solid banter with a real top dude who is fun to chat to so that’s cool too. Read something I wish I didn’t since I got home though which sucks, but fuck it, I don’t care, my life is better, and I am better. I wrote a poem while in a mope.

Because your heart is a diamond babe
And the men come in droves
To wretch it from your chest
Be it by money or rose

But when they finally seize it from you
and hold it in their hand
They will throw it away
to the next man

Because your heart may be a diamond babe
protected by a lock
But when shines in their hand
They learn a diamond is still a rock

got like fuck all likes on instagram but I like it so whatever.


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