“I wish I never had to wash you off my skin”

Today started out pretty well had work with that girl who has been flirty and that kinda continued so yay for the ego boost. But then I got home checked cymbal (a great app if you don’t have it and like music, get it) and saw that my ex blocked me on it. Now it really shouldn’t have hurt as much as it did, it just came out of nowhere though like what did I do to deserve that? This irrational train of thought led me to sending her a pretty harsh text and blocking her number. It’s mean but honestly, so is she, and I have no time for it anymore, I don’t need to be triggered like I am pulling away from you just like you fucking want so badly why do something to hurt me? Kick me while I’m down?

But in the end I’m the one in the wrong because I still care, “I know it’s over, still I cling…”

Luckily I have some great friends that do make me smile and this weekend should be pretty lit, will try to post but if not will write a bomb summary on Sunday, love you guys.


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