Today was okay I went to work which was extremely quiet and dull seeing as my phone is dead. This led me to the conclusion that I should try my hand at poetry, not that annoyingly stringent syllable counting shit, but just plain ol’ poetry. I had a few ideas but here is what I ultimately went with:

I like a girl that makes me want to die
A girl that laughs at my achievements and winces at my words
Who tears away at my fragile mental state with every piercing glare

You might prefer something more conventional
To be choked, slapped, whipped
To wear last nights bruises with a sly self-satisfaction
But I have no interest in wounds that fade

I want you to be the last thing I ever feel
It to be your venom coursing through my dead veins
God I’ve spent my life around kindness
Kindness that evaporates when it is actually needed
Tell me you hate me and mean it
Fuck me and leave me to hang

A bit on the edgy side sure, but not bad for a first try, might build on this later. Walked the dog with mum (happy mother’s day haha) then listened to heaps of great music wow was on a roll tonight, sus these:

“Love is Not Enough” by Casey
“Cerulean” by Baths
“Underwaterfall” by Bearcubs

Dreading work tomorrow and am still feeling kind of lonely but hey music is dope at least.


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