Today I was kinda depressed and as a result was pretty lazy, mostly playing Persona 5 and watching TV shows. To make up for this I managed to will myself into the gym, I’m not sure why I hate it so much but the thought of going is always far worse than actually going.


It’s 1am now and I just finished watching Paterson where Kylo Ren drives a bus for two hours and to be honest while it dragged I found it very endearing. Adam Driver’s character is composed and content and even when life takes an unfair turn he manages to pick himself up and get on with things. He reminds me of a lot of male figures I’ve had in my life, that my unstable ass can never hope to become. I like me though, doesn’t mean I can’t admire them either.

It’s just been a bad week, funny that bad week is what started me writing this hey? At least something came out of it I guess.


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