Today I woke up with the follow on from yesterday’s bad mood. I dropped off some of dad’s shit at Savers and ate lunch then by the time I made it home I kind of lightened up a bit. Helps that people who were being flaky yesterday decided to reply finally haHA (women). I went to the movies with old mate Brandyn to see Alien: Covenant and here’s my opinion:

Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant is a step up from Ridley Scott’s last venture in the series Prometheus. While some of the elements that made Prometheus a bit overly wanky remained props to Michael Fassbender for holding the more obtuse themes together with an absolute stand-out performance. The intensity was there in parts though other parts felt entirely too comfortable. The crew was annoyingly dumb as well which led me to care less when they all met their maker. I think the real problem with these latest iterations of the series is that they seek to explain the Xenomorphs and how these situations came to be when what made the first two movies so uniquely scary was how little we knew about the creatures and the universe. Overall, not a bad Sci-Fi Thriller, but doesn’t touch it’s predecessors.

Besides that I watched a bunch of Misfits which I’m really liking and I’m feeling better than last night at least.


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